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OBT-HPS-20 automatic plaster hardness tester with software c

OBT-HPS-20 automatic plaster hardness tester with software c
Main Decription:
OBT-HPS-20 automatic plaster hardness was measured according to the method of measuring the hardness of gypsum GB / T 17669.3-1999 plaster architectural and mechanical properties of ISO 3051 standards.
The hardness value of high precision, automatic measurement can be achieved by pressing one key.

Main Function:
●  High precision: 0.2 micron depth measurement, load accuracy: 0.2%;
●  Automatic hardness value display on the Screen
●  Equipped with Built-in printer for printing hardness and statistical results;

Application field: Asphalt, plastic, elastic ground floor of the building plaster ˙

Technical parameters
Depth accuracy: 0.2 m
Load accuracy: 0.2%
Hardness Resolution: 0.01 N / mm2
Measuring range: 1-6000
Dimensions: 520 * 240 * 720 (mm)
Power: AC220V / 100W
Tester Weight :45kg 
Standard configuration:
Item Quantity Item Quantity
Host  1 Brand computer (such as Lenovo) 1
Test anvil  1 10mm Hard Ball 10
Instrument case 1 Plastic dust cover 1
Power cord   Product Manual  
Data software 1 Product certificate 1