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OBT-DHB-3000 Eletronic Brinell Hardness Tester

OBT-DHB-3000 Eletronic Brinell Hardness Tester
1. Brinell hardness test is mainly used in hardness measurement for cast iron, steel products, nonferrous metals and soft alloys, etc. Besides it can be also used in hardness measurement for some non-ferrous materials, such as plastics, bakelite, etc.
2. Brinell hardness test is to use a steel ball of a certain diameter to press on the substance surface to be tested with specified test force. Through the specific time of holding test force, remove it and measure impression diameter of test piece surface with reading microscope. It is Brinell hardness value to calculate average pressure (N/mm2) of the spherical area to be beard in steel ball impression Brinell hardness value.
Technical specifications
1. Testing Force: 
2. Hardness Value Range In Measure: 8~650HBW
3. Indicating value precision:
standard hardness test block Max error of indicating value% Max allowable variation in indicating value%
≤125 ±3 3
125<HBW≤225 ±2.5 2.5
>225 ±2 2
4. Enlargement Factor Of Reading Microscope:        20times
5. Minimum Division Value Of Micrometer Drum Wheel:0.005mm
6. Maximum height of Sample:                      220mm
7. Distance From Indenter’s Center To Outer Wall:       135mm
8. Power Source:                                  AC220V/50~60HZ
9. Overall Dimension (L×W×H):                   (753*542*205)mm
10. Main Body Weight:                              130kg
Accessories (The Packing List)
φ2.5、φ5、φ10mm steel ball indenter      1pc(each)
Big ,small plane testing table, “V” testing table 1pc(each)
Standard hardness test block  
HBW10/3000 (150~250) 1pc
HBW5/750 (150~250) 1pc
Spare Fuse(2A) 2pcs
Power cord 1pc
Usage instruction manual 1copy
20x reading microscope 1copy
Dust-proof Plastic bag 1pc
Brinell hardness control table 1pc