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OBT-601MHB Low Load Digital Brinell Hardness Tester

OBT-601MHB Low Load Digital Brinell Hardness Tester

1. Low Load Digital Brinell Hardness Tester is a high-tech and new product combining the optics, mechanic and electrics features, with a novel and pleasing appearance, direct-viewing display, stable performance and good reliability, hence, it is an ideal instrument for the testing of low load Brinell hardness. Its main functions as follows:
1.1 The instrument is with 7 steps test force and 8 kinds of Brinell testing scale for arbitrary selection.
1.2 With 2 sets objectives 5╳ and 10╳ both can be used to measurement.
1.3 Adopt the intellective and automatic shifting between objectives and indenter.
1.4 With functions such as pre-setting the dwell time of test force and regulating the luminosity of light source.
1.5 Automatically display the testing indentation length, hardness value and testing numbers, etc.
1.6 The hardness testing result will be printed out by printer and RS232 hyper Terminal Setting is for the function expansion by client.
1.7According to client’s requirement, the CCD device, video testing device and pick up camera device can be equipped on the present hardness tester.
2. The present instrument adopts the precision structure design and the pressure sensor controls the application of test force, hence it makes the tester is with compact structure, loads and unloads the test force steadily and accurately. CPU controls the testing procedure in electric field; the intellective and automatic shifting is adopted between objectives and indenter, the action of shifting and position adopts double cooperation in both mechanic and electric fields, therefore it enables the high accuracy position.
3. The present instrument is able to measure the materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous and alloys materials; various steels after annealed and thermal refining treatment, especially to measure the hardness value more accuracy for soft metals as aluminum, lead and tin etc.
Technical specifications
1. Test Force : 49.03N、 61.29N、 98.07N、 153.2N、 294.2N、 306.5N、 612.9N
(5kg、  6.25kg、  10kg、  15.625kg、  30kg、 31.25kg、 62.5kg)
2. Brinell Hardness Scales:

Diameter of Ball Indenter Brinell Scales
5mm HBW5/62.5      
2.5mm HBW2.5/62.5 HBW2.5/31.25 HBW2.5/15.625 HBW2.5/6.25
1mm HBW1/30 HBW1/10 HBW1/5  

3. Repeatability of displaying value and tolerance of displaying value for Brinell hardness tester 

Standard Hardness Block(HBW) Tolerance of Displaying Value(%) Repeatability of Displaying Value(%)
≤125 ±3 3
125<HBW≤125 ±2.5 2.5
>225 ±2 2


4. Hardness Testing Range:  8~650HBW
5. Application Method of Test Force: Automatically (Loading/ Dwelling/ Unloading)
6. Shifting between Objectives and Indenter: Automatic and Intellective Shifting
7. Dwell Time of Test Force: 0~95 s(5 seconds as a unit)
8. Hardness Values: manually measure the indentation; automatically input the testing readout data; then automatically calculate and display the hardness value.
9. Optical System:

Objectives 5╳(Measurement) 10╳(Measurement)
Eyepiece 10╳
Total Amplification 50╳ 100╳
Indentation test Range 0.24~1.5mm
Resolution 0.5μm 0.25μm

10. Max. Height of Specimen:                    170 mm
11. Distance From Indenter’s Center To Outer Wall:    130 mm
12. Net Weight of Main Instrument:                31 kg 
13. Power Source:                             (110/220)AV,(60/50)Hz
14. Overall Dimension (L×W×H):               (530×210×630)mm